Another Single from our Make Music Make Friends Record Club is now available for download!!!

Ever do something you knew was a bad idea going in? But you still did it anyway. Of course you have. Well this is kinda what this song is about. Have a listen and re-live those bad choices all over again.
Thanks for listening. More to come.



The Build Fires Single is  Now Available for free download as a part of our Make Music, Make Friends Record Club!!!

So like the title says...Watch the video, add the song to your whatever, then enjoy your ass-off. It's just that simple.

Our band's version of a song by Stephen Steinbrink & French Quarter, a beauty of a song.
This beautiful video was directed by our very own David J, another notch in his directorial belt. Keepin it Latin. Nice One.

Thanks Guys.

download the song. the video. xo.


Happy New Year. Happy New Song.

Hey my friends,
Both new NOVI SPLIT and CMG &We Are the Night Band songs can be found on the new MOUNTAIN MAN RECORDS charity comp in collaboration with Feeding America... $5 for 17 songs. Plus, all benefits go towards hunger relief. Start off the new year right and help out. $5 ain't shit. Do yourself right!

Check the Album Link here!!!

CMG &WE ARE THE NIGHT BAND Cover The French Quarter's the song.

Thanks for a great year, here we go again.



Who's The Boss??? Classic Edition...

So this Mexican guy walks into a bar... No not really, that's me. But not that I'm not Mexican and I don't walk into bars. Because I do/am. But it's not a joke, it's a lifestyle! Bam! Right David? Anyhow, my good friends and I just started production on our new video for that classic joint "Who's The Boss???".... Once again, Talia, Ivan, and Angel along with the Boys Mike, David, Anthony, and introducing The Original Pauly D! We've come together to stimulate your mind, body and soul. This video's story is all based on true events so get ready for another installation fron the writers/directors of "Knife On The End Of A Gun". It's coming to a Youtube account near you!!! Orale Homes!!!!!


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This is what happens when you get a bunch of creative people together (who don't smoke weed) and do something awesomely fun and productive. BAM! We brought it all together with the help of our good pals Ivan Ehlers and Talia Honomichl. These two lovers are our San Pedro connection when it comes to giving our songs the visual life they deserve. Beautifully directed and edited, I must say. Real nice!

Super, super fun couple of days. Out and about in Torrance and the life giving Harbor Area for a few days goofing off with this cast of crazy knuckleheads doesn't get any better. No real hang-ups but we did have to stop after day 2 due to Davids hernia acting up. Lift with your legs Dave!... Anyhow we got it all together. And David only hurts when he laughs.

Harbor College never looked so good. Redondo Fun Factory?? Forget it! Mike B. Done...Check out Ivan standing in for David on the air hockey vibe...enjoy!

"Knife On The End Of A Gun" from Ivan Ehlers on Vimeo.